Nov 16, 2023

Prudential is the rock companies rely on for helping their workforce achieve holistic wellbeing

Prudential Financial is a global financial services leader and premier active global investment manager with approximately $1.4 trillion in assets under management as of June 30, 2023. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, it offers a wide array of financial products and services, including life insurance, annuities, retirement-related products and services, mutual funds, and investment management.*

Holistic wellness

With more and more employees looking to their employers for help with their wellbeing, Prudential is taking a holistic wellness approach by offering a number of unique services in parallel to its already strong traditional solutions. The company’s approach is predicated on a belief that it is important to adopt behaviors that result in improved physical and mental well-being, greater equity and inclusion at work and in society, and a sense of safety from decreased financial concerns.

An exceptional facet of its program delves into a frequently neglected sphere of wellbeing—Financial Wellness. Recognizing the profound repercussions that financial stress can impose on one's holistic wellness, the organization places significant emphasis on addressing this area. Research indicates that a staggering 80% of employees affirm that financial hurdles detrimentally affect both their mental and physical health.** In response, the organization provides a comprehensive framework of financial education supplemented by personalized assistance. This encompasses a cutting-edge digital financial portal, expert credit counseling, adept debt management, as well as facilitation of portability and conversion support services.

Meet Wellthy!

Prudential Financial has partnered with Wellthy, a care concierge that helps families tackle the logistical and administrative tasks of caregiving. This partnership is a great example of Prudential’s innovative offerings and helps employers relieve the caregiving burden impacting their workforce. Wellthy provides personalized support for employees who are caring for kids and teens, supporting aging loved ones or those with complex needs, navigating end of life, and even managing their own care. Wellthy also provides Prudential clients with access to a digital Care Dashboard which enables people to confidently plan, organize, and manage care - all in one place. Getting started is fast, easy, and available through Prudential’s Financial Wellness program.


The organization also helps support Physical and Social Wellness through initiatives such as Musculoskeletal (MSK) case management to support recovery and return to work, and improving social inclusion through offerings that address underserved markets.

Finally, Prudential offers assistance with Mental Health. This includes access to a behavioral health and self-care management app, caregiving solutions, and mental health training.

Prudential understands the connection between financial, mental, physical, and social wellbeing to help employees bring their best selves to work. This holistic and inclusive offering covers all aspects to help address the needs of a diverse workforce. Learn more about Prudential’s Employee Benefits Offerings at: Network Members - Prudential (

And, visit our Wellbeing page to gain insights on Wellbeing around the world.

**PWSGS solutions are only available to U.S.-based residents.
2 SoFi at Work and HR research advisory Workplace Intelligence 2022 Employee Survey data.
Caregiving services are provided by Wellthy, Inc., a third-party provider that is not affiliated with and is independent from Prudential and its subsidiaries. Caregiving services are not part of any employee benefit plan and are provided through a voluntary, individually selected program that is not a group insurance or a retirement product. They are not part of any employee benefit plan, or any program sponsored or endorsed by an employer.
Access to Wellthy Caregiving services is provided through Prudential Workplace Solutions Group Services, LLC ("PWSGS"). PWSGS provides access to a number of Financial Wellness products, services, seminars and tools offered by PWSGS, its affiliates or third parties. PWSGS is an affiliate of Prudential Financial, Inc. PWSGS is not a licensed insurance company, does not provide insurance products or services and does not provide financial, investment or other advice. Individuals should consult appropriate professionals when making financial, investment and tax decisions. The Financial Wellness offerings are made available for general financial education purposes. Access to financial wellness products, services, seminars and tools is not conditioned upon the purchase of insurance or retirement products or services from any Prudential company.
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