Oct 23, 2023

Ping An: Bridging communication gaps between doctors and patients

Ping An Health Insurance was founded in 2005, and is one of the first specialist health insurers to obtain an insurance license in China. As a specialist health insurance company under Ping An Group, Ping An Health Insurance focuses on providing customers with one-stop and full-process services covering insurance benefits, medical services, and health management.

Like many of the best global insurers, Ping An’s attention has recently shifted to include digitalization, Wellbeing services, outpatient services, and mental health. Ping An Good Doctor is a great example of this trend—as the platform provides online medical and health services 24/7.

The effort is in response to a growing demand for clients who are focusing on the Wellbeing of employees while optimizing their plans (balance between increased costs and the need for good benefits). And while Ping An is offering more online access so clients can receive services faster and quicker than before—it is not at the expense of the personal service that customers have come to expect from Ping An.

Service is incredibly important to Ping An. With this, Ping An Good Doctor strives to bridge communication gap between doctors and patients with expertise, convenience, and trust. It is committed to building an Internet healthcare platform with the largest scale, the most advanced models, and the highest entry barriers in China.

The strong service capabilities offered by the platform include:

  • Self-employed family doctors: 24/7 support, connecting various healthcare services
  • Online: Consultation, second medical opinion by famous doctors, prescription for drug purchase, and health management
  • Offline: Hospital visit assistance, famous doctor services, health checkup services, local healthy life

And, in addition to strong services both online and offline, Ping An Good Doctor has a wide variety of Wellbeing solutions. These include Nutrition education, Fitness courses, Mental Wellbeing Assessments, Fitness memberships, Checkup services, Dental aesthetics, and Healthy goods. This innovative company also offers mobile vending machine pharmacy and kiosks, where individuals can receive health assessments and virtual doctor's consultations.

Specialized Solutions in Every Market

When it comes to employee benefits, one size no longer fits all.

That’s why the Insurope Network offers a multinational solution that is tailored for the needs of employees in every country where an organization does business. Delivered through local Network Members like Ping An, as an add-on to their already strong employee benefits programs, this wellbeing offering enhances and reinforces our Network’s established multinational employee benefits solutions. And by enabling multinational organizations to promote the physical and mental wellness of their workforce, it contributes to overall productivity, engagement, and talent management.

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