Nov 19, 2021

A Network Member in the Spotlight - Issue #17 Asahi Mutual Life

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Let's hand over the pen to our main contact at Asahi Mutual Life, Masao Kaji, so he can tell us more about his experience with the Insurope team.

FIVE QUESTIONS TO “A Network Member in the Spotlight”
What is your role at Asahi Mutual Life?

I'm a member of the Insurope Team at Asahi Mutual Life Insurance Company. We have four members on our team. The other three are Mr. Hikari Umeda, Ms. Nana Takada and Ms. Karen Ri Shiyuanhoan. I'm mainly in charge of new business sales. I have daily contacts with my primary contacts at Insurope and brokers like Mercer/Marshand WTW.

Who is your primary contact at Insurope?

Our colleagues at the Singapore office, Mr. Gary Chuang and Ms. Desiree Chua are my primary contact at Insurope, but I frequently make contacts with our colleagues in Europe and USA.

Two words that would best describe your collaboration with the Insurope team? Feel free to explain why.

MUTUAL BENEFITS are the two words that would best describe our collaboration with the Insurope team. Our joint efforts benefit Insurope, Asahi Mutual, and also our clients.

What is most enjoyable about working with Insurope?

Getting business with notable multinational corporations and getting to know the colleagues at Insurope.

What is your best memory at an Insurope event?

At the risk of revealing my age, I joined Asahi Mutual's Insurope team in 1986 and worked for the team for ten years. During that time, I was stationed at our London Office, from 1989 to 1993, had the opportunity to visit Insurope's headquarters in Brussels while drinking bottles of Belgium beers at the Grand Place! I also joined Insurope General Assembly at Tokyo (1989) and Copenhagen (1991). At that time, Frank Smolar, Jim Wallace, Hugh Galagher, Pascale Schreurs, and Miranda were our main contacts. After that, in 2003, I joined our Insurope team. I also had the chance to participate in the General Assembly in Shanghai (2006), Edinburgh (2008), Brussels (2010), and Beijing (2016). I suppose I will be retiring in four or five years but the many opportunities of working with Insurope colleagues are my best memories.

Thank you, Kaji-san!