Jul 10, 2024

UNIQA strengthens offer for corporate customers with new business segment

“UNIQA Sustainable Business Solutions" with ESG consulting active from July

  • Risk expertise pooled internationally and group-wide in a separate company
  • Customized sustainability solutions for SMEs and large companies
  • 360-degree perspective beyond insurance
  • More climate resilience as a responsibility for society as a whole
  • The UNIQA brand promise: living better together

Insurope is proud to have UNIQA as part of the Network. With a cumulative business volume of over €2 billion in premiums, UNIQA is one of the leading European insurers in the B2B segment in Austria and the CEE region. Building on its industry expertise, UNIQA is now taking a further step beyond the traditional insurance business: the new subsidiary UNIQA Sustainable Business Solutions supports customers in risk issues, transformation and ESG topics. It supports individual and large companies in strengthening their resilience through active risk management and harmonizing their sustainability strategies with the legal framework. From 1 July, the company will initially be active in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, with other countries to follow. Companies can utilize the services independently of a UNIQA insurance contract.

Advanced risk assessment in a complex environment

Companies are confronted with an increasingly complex business environment – from regulatory sustainability requirements to growing risks from climate change and geopolitical challenges. UNIQA Sustainable Business Solutions therefore extends loss prevention beyond traditional insurance solutions and helps companies to proactively eliminate potential threats and minimize risks. It supports ESG-based transformation requirements with analyses and recommendations for sustainability solutions in the sense of a holistic 360-degree perspective on customers.

"For us, the vertical integration of UNIQA Sustainable Business Solutions is a clear consequence of the customer-centric strategy that we have been successfully implementing throughout the Group since 2020. A major advantage for our customers is above all the bundled risk engineering expertise and the interaction of the best minds from our 17 markets in Europe," explains Wolfgang Kindl, Member of the Management Board responsible for Customer & Market International.

Peter Humer, Member of the Management Board responsible for Customer & Market Austria, adds: "If our customers' needs change, we want to be at their side as an equal partner – beyond national borders and traditional insurance services. With UNIQA Sustainable Business Solutions, we are a reliable partner for our corporate customers in the oftentimes challenging transformation processes."

Climate protection for a successful future

With the new company, UNIQA is recognizing its responsibility to society as a whole – true to the brand promise of living better together. As an insurance company, UNIQA is aware of the risks of climate change and is endeavoring to take long-term countermeasures.

"Especially in a time characterized by increasing regulatory pressure and the effects of climate change, preventive measures and a robust risk management strategy are crucial for the company's success," emphasizes CEO Olivera Böhm-Rybak and Christoph Kapfinger, Managing Director of UNIQA Sustainable Business Solutions in Austria concludes: "Our goal is to be a strong partner for our customers, supporting them on their path to a sustainable and successful future."

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