Jun 18, 2024

Introducing Alte Leipziger’s comprehensive occupational benefits and services for Germany

Meet Alte Leipziger

Insurope’s Network Member in Germany, Alte Leipziger Lebensversicherung (‘Alte Leipziger’), is one of the leading partners of local and multinational companies when it comes to providing for their employees in old age and during their active service. With over 80 years of expertise in company pension schemes, it has built up a strong reputation in the industry and is one of the three most important occupational pension providers in Germany. 

Through Insurope’s Multinational Pooling Network, which Alte Leipziger co-founded, the company offers special advantages for the occupational pension provision of companies with a global presence for over 55 years. With the associated network insurers worldwide, Alte Leipziger can also establish contact for its customers with a pension system abroad. This enables it to provide them with access to the necessary expertise there as well. 

The company graciously hosted Insurope’s annual General Assembly and Sales meeting in Heidelberg. Today, we’d like to extend our thanks by highlighting its comprehensive pension concept for corporate customers.

What makes Alte Leipziger different from other insurers?

Together with its sister company Hallesche Krankenversicherung, Alte Leipziger forms a group (ALH Group). This also includes the subsidiaries Alte Leipziger Versicherung (property insurance), Alte Leipziger Bauspar (building society) and Alte Leipziger Trust Investmentgesellschaft.

By joining forces, the ALH Group can cover the full spectrum of occupational benefit solutions:

  • Company pension scheme within all methods of implementation
  • Occupational disability pension scheme
  • Company pension scheme for surviving dependants
  • Occupational health insurance
  • Financing or outsourcing of pension obligations (AL PensionXperts)
  • Customised solutions for all company phases, e.g. also for mergers, acquisitions and liquidations
Focus on company pension schemes: The right solution for every need

Alte Leipziger has always focused on company pension schemes. It offers the entire spectrum of occupational pension schemes in Germany. Occupational pension schemes in Germany are highly complex, primarily due to the special features of labor and tax law. But thanks to its 80 years of expertise, Alte Leipziger has the full picture here.

Through multinational pooling with Insurope, high benefits in the event of invalidity and death can be insured by Alte Leipziger. In addition, a multinational saving potential arises through Insurope’s pooling solution. 

Whether it's a simple standard solution or a customized offer: Alte Leipziger can cater for all needs and all company sizes. It supports companies in every phase of development as an expert and administrator. In this context, Alte Leipziger Pensions management provides support with all the necessary services.

Pioneer in Company Health Insurance: Benefits and Services in Germany and Abroad

Hallesche Krankenversicherung is one of the leading providers of company health insurance in Germany and the inventor of budget tariffs: Employees receive a budget that they can use freely for their health - e.g. for medical check-ups, glasses, hearing aids or immunizations. And, employees can also receive support when caring for relatives. 

Hallesche also offers a special tariff for employees who are sent abroad or from abroad to Germany by their employer.

The Approach: Digital & Holistic

The ALH Group focuses on digitalization when it comes to occupational pension provision: from information and advice to implementation and administration, all processes should be able to be mapped digitally in their entirety. To this end, it offers its own company portal for companies and brokers. It is also linked to other leading online platforms such as Xempus, eVorsorge, penseo and wayly. The aim is to make processes as simple and straightforward as possible for brokers and customers - and above all paperless.

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