Aseguradora del Istmo (Adisa), S.A.

Adisa is ranked top 3 in the life and health insurance market and serves over 600,000+ insureds through a fully integrated digital platform. Adisa continues to grow with a solid base, earning a AA- (cri) from Fitch Ratings, mainly emphasized by specific vital drivers such as: the company’s intrinsic financial profile, positive evolution logging sustained upgrades in most ratios for the last three years, capital increases, high performance and return rates, sustained low loss ratios, operational efficiency, a broad market knowledge, and a strong reinsurance program.

Soon after the Costa Rican law changed in 2009, formally giving way to an open insurance market after 80+ years of a state-owned monopoly, Adisa was authorized in December 2010 by SUGESE, the local insurance regulator, to operate in Costa Rica and has maintained a leading position in the insurance market since then. Adisa’s financial position is further strengthened by its two principal stockholders, Compañía Internacional de Seguros (IS) of Panama and Cooperativa Nacional de Educadores (COOPENAE), both with recognized long-lasting track records in both the national and international financial/Insurance markets. Established in 1910, IS was the first insurance company in Panama and Central America. With a strong belief in excellence, various services for policyholders, and a culture based on commitment and quality, IS has maintained its position as one of the major insurance companies for more than 110 years in the Central American market. COOPENAE, with 55 years in the Costa Rican market, is the country's number one savings and loan cooperative measured by total assets, credit rating, and equity. It is ranked sixth in the private financial sector, including banks.

At Adisa, they are proud of their staff and consider their identification with their company culture and mission one of their greatest strengths. In a moving world, changing by the minute, they are committed to innovation and the use of technology to enhance their customer experience while maintaining their excellence in personalized customer service. Their focus on listening to their customers’ needs, knowledge sharing, and teamwork are the catalyst for their signature agility and adaptability in the Costa Rica market.

Adisa is a leader in the Life and Health insurance market, providing service throughout Costa Rica. Their robust service provider network includes most of the major medical centers, labs, over 540 network physicians and specialists, with 150 pharmacies, all accessible through their paperless digital platform, including online enrollment and invoicing, digital policy expedition, telemedicine, paperless claims processing, digital management tools, and wellness programs.

  • ADISA has its own medical network at the service of the insured for direct payment with the most recognized providers
  • Totally digital technology in claims processes
  • Unlimited home health care service, including mobile telemedicine application with 24/7 service at no cost
  • Direct payment for most pharmacy chains in Costa Rica
  • Pura Salud Wellness Program designed and adapted to each insured.
  • Uses interactive claims dashboard with monthly updates for each broker and client
  • Medical line available 24/7 and attended by health professionals
  • No deductibles for hospitalizations and for inter consultations while hospitalized
  • Special rehabilitation treatment with no deductible for six months for spinal cord injury, severe head trauma, cerebrovascular accident, Guillain Barre disease, and coronary heart disease
  • All prostheses and braces are covered; no lists for prosthetics. Replacement prosthesis covered as long as the first one covered by Seguros Bolivar
  • Broad coverage of transplants without listing. Covers the transplant, necessary and unlimited medications in outpatient expenses, organ transplant, donor expenses, including those of possible donors.
  • Comprehensive business wellness program seeking the well-being of the company and employees, obtaining results such as: decrease in absenteeism, increased sense of belonging, decreased rotation indicator, decrease in the presentation of cardiovascular diseases, strengthening of self-care, increase in productivity of the organization and increase in family and business financial wellbeing.