UNIQA životno osiguranje Beograd a.d.o.

UNIQA is one of the top insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe where it operates in 20 markets through 40 companies.

UNIQA životno osiguranje (UNIQA) is an insurance service provider based in Serbia. The company offers non-life insurance products such as property insurance, floods, fire, motor insurance, boating and security, travel and holidays, travel health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance and voluntary health insurance. It provides life insurance products, which include basic life insurance, risk life insurance and child life insurance. UNIQA offers claim services. The company offers its products for individuals and business. It has operations in Novi Beograd, Slavia Square, Banovo Hill, Mirijevo, Central, Backa Palanka, Backa Poplar, Cacak and Jagodina, Serbia. It operates as a subsidiary of UNIQA Versicherungen AG. UNIQA is headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia.