KGI Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

KGI Life (formerly China Life) was established in 1963. In order to convey a distinct, consistent, youthful and energetic brand image, it was renamed "KGI Life Insurance Co., Ltd." on January 1, 2024. It is a subsidiary of China Development Financial Holdings Group, also one of the top five life insurance companies in Taiwan.

  • Mission: Embrace innovation and talent, and provide sustainable financial solutions to customers, employees, shareholders and society". It combines the industrial resources accumulated by China Development Financial Holdings for more than 60 years and adopts forward-looking and innovative business thinking. , under the strong financial solvency, rigorous corporate governance and risk management mechanisms, demonstrate stable operating performance.
  • Vision: Implement the spirit of fairness, empathy, and innovation, and "customer-centric" to provide customers with a full range of services through multiple channels Insurance goods and services.
    We take "committed to your happy life" as our new corporate value proposition, implement our sustainability goals, and become the most recommended and trusted life insurance company.