Sanlam Limited (Sanlam) is a provider of financial services based in South Africa. The company, through its subsidiaries offers a wide range of banking and financial solutions to individual and corporate customers across South Africa and other international markets. Its portfolio of products and services include retirement products, life and disability cover, unit trusts and private investments.

Committing to pay all valid claims, thanks to a sound and sustainable rating philosophy, underpinned by financial strength and resilience through the recession business philosophy driven by the needs of our clients, and the only solution that works is one that creates shared value for all stakeholders … and this is evident: for the 3rd time in four years Sanlam has been awarded the ‘Employee Benefits Product Supplier of the year’ by the Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA).

Sanlam, as one of the largest underwriters of disability benefits in South Africa, and leader in the development of assessment practice, have invaluable experience in the assessment of disability claims. Its large and well-diversified book of insured lives spans across socioeconomic group, regions and industries within SA and contributes to their ability to withstand tough and volatile conditions.