Fidelidade - Companhia de Seguros, S.A. is the company that heads the Fidelidade Group, and is owned 84.99% by the Fosun Group, through Longrun Portugal, SGPS, S.A., and 15.00% by Caixa Geral de Depósitos, S.A. 

Founded in 1808, Fidelidade is the leading insurance company in Portugal, in the life and non-life segments, and is also present in Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Spain, France, Macau, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile.

With 2.3 million customers in Portugal and more than 7 million worldwide, Fidelidade conducts its activity based on a “Customer Centric Approach” strategy and, through a distribution network with high dimension and capillarity, guarantees consumers an integrated and personalized experience, regardless of the channel used. 

Guided by inner values - experience, innovation, overcoming and proximity - Fidelidade has been consistently distinguished over the years by consumers and customers, namely in what concerns ​​innovation. Innovation is thus, a constant value in Fidelidade's heritage. It is Innovation that has driven the insurance company to adapt to the evident evolution of time, remaining present and leading a market that is facing one of its greatest challenges ever: responding to a world dictated by digital transformation. 

Over time, Fidelidade has invested in the use and development of new technologies. This enables the company to monetarize and always provide customers the best experience, regardless the channel they choose for contact.  

Part of the universe of Fosun International Limited, Fidelidade has high horizons for growth, diversification and a unique opportunity to reinvent the concept of insurance in Portugal, expanding its supply and services to new clients, always with the trust seal of the largest and the most solid insurance company in Portugal.

In overall, our mission is to support the development and construction of a sustainable society as a global service provider of people protection.

  • Understanding trends and identify new market directions, triggering initiatives needed to constantly meet clients’ expectations
  • Seeking to identify and develop innovative solutions and business models, creating new value propositions in the different sectors where it provides insurance
  • Ensuring a coherent range of products and a perception of integration by the consumer, linked to extensive regional penetration, which can provide more personalized services that also enhance proximity
  • Focusing on digitalization
  • Recognized with the most relevant client and brand awards in Portugal, such as “Trusted Brand”, “Consumer Choice”, “Portugal Digital Awards”, “Best Reputation" among many others