Oct 23, 2023

Our partner UNIQA improves clients' wellbeing with its EB solutions in the CEE region

UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance companies in its core markets of Austria and Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). In fact, with approximately 21,000 employees and exclusive sales partners serving more than 16 million customers, UNIQA is one of the major insurance groups operating in Austria and CEE.

UNIQA Corporate & Affinity Business is a strong business model which focuses on the needs of corporate customers: reduce risk by transferring it to an insurance company, service their customers with premier products and services with add-on Affinity solutions and thirdly, to protect their employees and to become an attractive employer.

Insurope is proud to have UNIQA as part of the Network, as the strength of our Network Members is a key pillar to the value we deliver as THE Premier Multinational Pooling Network.

More than just insurance

UNIQA stands by customers – in terms of health and prevention as well as in protecting their property. Employee Benefits solutions are here an important pillar to support corporate customers. Beyond ensuring the companies´ employees, UNIQA’s EB solutions help employers retain top talent and create a more productive and happier work environment overall. 


Telemedicine and online services in CEE

UNIQA started to develop telemedical solutions for its clients already years ago and was ahead in many markets. The Covid pandemic crisis fired the demand for medical online services globally. UNIQA was one of the first movers in the CEE region to increase the portfolio in this respect. Today, UNIQA offers in almost all countries with a relevant Health portfolio Telemedicine and related online services. In Southeastern Europe, UNIQA Bulgaria with a sophisticated in-house solution can be highlighted. This helps strongly in the development of these services also for the other countries in the SEE region.

Mavie (Austria)

UNIQA recently repositioned itself in the Austrian healthcare market with the founding of Mavie Holding – a comprehensive health ecosystem. The diverse portfolio now ranges from private clinics, medical centers and outpatient clinics, the health network LARA and 24-hour care all the way to company health management. Thanks to the broad range of synergies and potentials resulting from this bundling, Mavie is taking UNIQA’s health offering to the next level. The result: even new and even more attractive offers for a growing number of customers. 

Solution packages for dedicated diseases (Poland)

As a very new and innovative service, UNIQA started in Poland, as our main driver in Central Europe, to offer solutions for dedicated diseases in a package. The client can choose beside the main Group Life solution different packages as “bricks parts” to extend his/her coverage. Offered packages are, e.g., Oncological package, Heart Disease/Stroke package, Primary care package etc. 

Specialized Solutions in Every Market

When it comes to employee benefits, one size no longer fits all.

That’s why the Insurope Network offers a multinational solution that is tailored for the needs of employees in every country where an organization does business. Delivered through local Network Members like UNIQA, as an add-on to their already strong employee benefits programs, this wellbeing offering enhances and reinforces our Network’s established multinational employee benefits solutions. And by enabling organizations to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of their workforce, it contributes to overall productivity, engagement, and talent management.

Visit our Wellbeing page to learn more.