Feb 22, 2024

The complete Step Care™ solution from Danica Pension benefits employees’ health

Insurope’s Network Member in Denmark, Danica Pension is on a mission to take care of you and your employees. Step Care™ is a treatment method of physical and psychological conditions. If an employee begins to suffer from back pain or stress, for example, Step Care™ provides timely help as soon as the employee experiences the first symptoms and contacts Danica Pension.

An expert will guide the employee. If needed, a treatment plan will be prepared and a team of therapists will be assigned to the employee’s treatment programme.

That way, employees can focus all his or her energy on recovering.

To get the full benefits of Step Care™, companies and their employees must have the Health Package, Health Insurance and cover for loss of earning capacity with Danica Pension.

Clear recommendations for companies

With Danica Pension companies will have a single point of contact if an employee falls ill. The experienced social advisers at Danica Pension can advise organizations on matters such as how to handle absenteeism and the relevant legislation.

By examining data on employees’ use of treatments and types of treatment, they can offer statistics on employees’ biggest challenges.

Going forward, this enables Danica Pension to take action through one of its prevention concepts that may help reduce the number of employees in a company being reported absent due to illness. If the amount of available data is not sufficient to ensure the anonymity of employees, Danica Pension can offer statistics from the company’s industry.

This way, a company will always feel that its employees are taken care of, and can hopefully avoid absence due to illness. This can help avoid loss of productivity, which can be very costly. 

The products and offerings that make Step Care™

  • Danica Health Package is not only useful employees are ill, it also helps families prevent illness. Read about the Health Package HERE.
  • Danica Health Insurance offers the best options for fast treatment by a psychologist, a physiotherapist or a chiropractor, for example – and also helps avoid long waiting lists as it offers access to private hospitals. Reporting a claim online may sometimes be faster than contacting Danica Pension by phone.
  • If employees fall ill and are no longer able to work, we offer financial and personal support, providing peace of mind in everyday life. Learn more about Loss of earning capacity.

For more information regarding Danica Pensions Health Care offerings visit How we help you.