Insurope Sales Meeting in Brussels

Mon, 18/02/2019

Insurope Sales Meeting | Brussels, Belgium | 18-20 February 2019

Insurope and AG Insurance are happy to announce that Insurope's annual Sales Meeting will be held in Brussels, Belgium 18-20 February 2019.

We welcome Insurope Network Members and Insurope Staff.

AG Insurance
Rue due Pont Neuf 17 / Nieuwbrug 17
1000 Brussels

Monday, February 18th
At 13:00 we will kick off the Sales Meeting covering topics such as the 2018 sales results, global trends, survey results, strategy and priorities, tools, platforms and a session with an international consultant. We will end our first day with a social event and dinner where we will hand out the Network’s annual awards.

Tuesday, February 19th
On day 2 of our Sales Meeting, we will continue with the popular let's talk cases sessions and afterwards a chat about global best practices. At 17:30 we will continue with a Broker Seminar which is hosted by AG Insurance.

Wednesday, February 20th
On the final day, we will organize a training and information session in the morning at the hotel where we're staying for those who are interested in topics about sales, technical and/or marketing.

Please reach out to Kevin Faelli (